Boy's Choral Speaking 18-19

English Drama 2018-19

English Fun Day 2018-19

Happy Spelling Bees 18-19

Interactive Story Telling 18-19

Online Readers18-19

Rugby Active English Learning 18-19

Saturday Cambridge Course18-19

Self-learning Activity 2017-18

Penmanship Competition 17-18

Boy's Choral Speaking 17-18

P2 Project-Based Learning

Theme-Based Activity

Being Responsible
(Students' work)

Gulliver's Travels

Hong Kong Sevens

Rugby English
Active Learning 2016-17


Interactive story-telling 2016-17

Self-learning Activity 2016-17

Happy Spelling Bees


Canadian English Writing
Invitation Contest 2015-16

Penmanship Competition 2016-17

Thanksgiving 2015-16


Think Act Contribute Health Workshop

Theme-based Activity

English Fun Day 2016

2016 World Book Day Fest

Musical-Count On Me

English Drama video: Macbeth

English Fun Day video1: Mr. Phil, video2

English Day

Choral Speaking

Love Our Earth

Love Our School

Penmanship Competition

Reading Workshop

English Funland (Recess)

Halloween Day schedule

English Morning Assembly

Literacy Programme (Lunch break)

Care For Our Earth

Cambridge Starters 2013-14

Happy Spelling Bees

Care For Others

'To dig and to learn' Workshop

Rugby Active Learning

Ocean Park Education Programme

Musical: Dream Come True
22nd May, 2015


Making Father's Day Card

Musical Madness July 2014-15


Fun & Friends Book Club Challenger Award


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