My name is Phil Sams and I have the pleasure of being the NET at our school. I am from England and this is my eighth year as a NET in Tuen Mun. Having worked across all levels in my time teaching in Tuen Mun, I am aware of the difficulties that students have in learning English. In collaboration with my local colleagues, we are seeking to improve our students’ standard of English by implementing the PLPR/W programme in P.1 and P.2, by having targeted oral lessons in P.3 and P.6 and by stimulating the students’ interest in English with such events as English Fun Day. I hope that I will get to know more of you as time progresses and it would be nice to meet you on English Fun Day.

Hello, my name is Miss Aqsa and I am the Native English teacher of YCH Ho Sik Nam Primary School. I have chosen my pathway as an English teacher to provide my knowledge and experience to the wonderful students. It has been a fantastic experience for me to go through different students’  personalities and provide them with support and love.

Thank you for providing me with this unforgettable experience at YCH Ho Sik Nam Primary School.